for cement | fodder

The shovel for mixing concrete, we recommend especially on construction sites, in the curing and restoration of paving sidewalks, canals, sewage, etc.

It works perfectly in places where it has not brought electricity, or lack therefore, eg. Remote fields and wasteland without access to electricity, as it is powered by a hydraulic drive machine on which it is mounted.

Convenient and simple way of mixing various kinds of materials such as concrete, gravel, soil or animal feed.


Model MT120 MT140 MT160 MT180 MT200
Total width (mm) 1500 1750 1950 2150 2300
Working width (mm) 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
Effective capacity (l) 420 490 560 630 670
Maximum capacity (l) 490 570 650 740 780
Weight (kg) 500 540 590 630 660

Mounted on equipment commonly used on farms and construction companies such as:

• Backhoe Loaders
• Mini Loaders
• Telescopic handlers type: Bobcat, Merlo, JCB, and others
• Tractors of all types.
• Powered by installing a hydraulic machine on which it is mounted
• Does not require electricity
• Easy to transport excavated material in any place where there enters a concrete mixer, concrete pump.
• Simplifies and speeds up the work.

Mixers are equipped with:
• Protective grille (grill), with spikes to tear the bags.
• Powerful rotor (right-left), made of resistant steel.
• A high performance hydraulic transmission